UTS President Stephan Fox was thrilled to extend his wholehearted congratulations to President Bach in the wake of his re-election for an additional four-year term as President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

UTS President Fox, who attended the session said: “Thomas Bach is a true Olympian by heart and above all an Olympic champion. A one of the founders of the IOC Athlete’s Commission, an IOC member for 30 years, he has reshaped the Olympic movement since he became President in 2013.

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He has supported United Through Sports from day one and delivered the opening speech at every festival, inspiring the youth of the world and us all. It is an honour to be able to work together with unified goals and with dedication towards always developing at the service of sport.  

Mr President we thank you, as a true leader, a man of his word and an absolute inspiration to us all. UTS is looking forward to a continued cooperation where we will progress with as much tenacity as ever to evolve, adapt and give opportunities through sport no matter what challenges we may face. The youth look to us and we will give them our best- Together.”

Thomas Bach, who won gold in with the German foil fencing team at the Olympic Games Montreal 1976, was elected as IOC President at the IOC Session in 2013 in Buenos Aires for a first eight-year term. This term will finish on the closing day of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 on 8 August this year, as decided by the IOC Executive Board. His second term as IOC President will start immediately after and will conclude in 2025.

“Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for this overwhelming vote of confidence and trust. For me, this is even more overwhelming considering the many reforms and the many difficult decisions we had to take, which affected all of us,” said President Bach after the election. “You know that this touches me deeply. It also makes me humble. When you elected me for the first time as your President in 2013 in Buenos Aires, I said that I wanted to lead the IOC according to my campaign motto ‘Unity in diversity’ and be a President for all of you and for all our stakeholders. This commitment is also true for my second and last term. My door, my ears and my heart remain open for each and every one of you. I hope that I can count on your continued dedication, support and friendship also during these four more years.”

In his acceptance speech addressing the IOC Members, President Bach said: “In the meantime, you know me well enough that I would also like to look forward and continue to achieve ambitious goals with you also in the post-coronavirus world. We learned during this coronavirus crisis, the hard way, that we can live up to our Olympic slogan ‘faster, higher, stronger’, in sport and in life, only if we are working together in solidarity. Therefore, I would today like to inspire a discussion, a discussion with you and everybody interested in the Olympic community, on whether we should not complement this slogan by adding, after a hyphen, the word ‘together’: ‘Faster, higher, stronger – together’. This could be – from my point of view – a strong commitment to our core value of solidarity, and an appropriate and a humble adaptation to the challenges of this new world.”

UTS agrees with this timely potential addition to the Olympic slogan as the perfect symbol of unity and moving forward as a global team towards a better world post-pandemic.

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