UTS’ Mascot: Alexx the Axolotl

Alexx the Axolotl has been chosen as the official mascot for the first ever World Virtual Youth Festival. The mascot was launched by the UTS organising committee on the 27th October in Bangkok, Thailand the host city for this unique event.

The mascot was designed by New Jersey, USA based Transcend Studio under the vision of talented animator Oscar Feliz. Mr Feliz wanted to ensure “the spirit of Alexx, and his positive nature were at the centre” of his design.

“Alexx” symbolises a unisex naming approach, where Alexx can be identified as either or both genders. The choice of the axolotl amphibian represents the unique ability and resilience of this endangered species, which has the extraordinary ability to regenerate whole limbs, parts of brain, and segments of spinal cord.

This species of salamander is undeniably cute and also regarded as having an adorable face which retains juvenile features and never truly “grows up.” A child at heart, Alexx is a happy, friendly and a fun-loving creature who stands to encourage the world to be more inclusive and accepting of diversity.

Alexx has a dream that this festival will unite youth of all abilities from all around the world showing that we may be different, but we should celebrate each other.

United through diversity is what the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival 2020 is all about and when the curtain goes up for the Launch Event of the festival on United Nations World Children’s Day, Alexx will be there wearing a smile and welcoming the youth of the world to share their talents, skills, thoughts, dreams and hopes with us all.


Transcend Studio shares the evolution of Alexx the Axolotl.