Diversity and inclusion are some of the key elements of the IPC movement aside from their core values of determination, inspiration, courage and equality. We are proud and honoured to have the support of the IPC across our events and initiatives.

It is vital that we support the IPC in all their mission towards social inclusion and there is much we can learn from Parasports both on and off the field of play. UTS President Stephan Fox stated “With the current global state of affairs, it is clear that now is a pivotal moment for the international sport community to not only stand united towards global inclusion, but to also take action towards addressing how we can work together to ensure critical changes are made.”

We would like to thank IPC President, Andrew Parsons, for his vision, his proactive approach towards greater inclusion and empowering Para-athletes towards sporting excellence. Thank you President for your continued support, we are looking forward towards “bringing back better” together.

Thank you IPC and thank you President.