More than 100 organizations and federations participated in the historical United Through Sports World Virtual Youth Festival 2020. While we are still finding ourselves in unprecedented times, the festival focused on promoting and nurturing: Inclusion, Non-discrimination, Equality and Peace.

 The festival was granted patronage by the IOC, IPC, SOI, SportAccord, GAISF, AIMS and included 5 competitions: Aero Fit, Max Fit, Inclusive Sports, Talent and Unified Fitness Challenge. 

Youth Ambassadors from all participating organizations and cities shared their own unique messages of peace and hopes for a better future at a time where we are all in need of hope and unity.

A special Gala event will be hosted on the 19th of December to celebrate the amazing achievements of the participating youth. We will announce the winners of Aero Fit, Max Fit and the Talent Show where special awards for Youth Ambassadors will also be presented. 

The event is also about “Leaving a Legacy Behind” and donations will be made and gratefully accepted for disadvantaged youth in Thailand’s Tak Province refugee camps. These youth are currently in desperate need of support and any donation towards the cause will ensure that youth have food to eat as a basic human right.

The highlight of the event will see the announcement of the “Host Country” for the UTS Virtual World Youth Festival 2021.

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