Having a mission and vision is one thing, but seeing it come to life is something else entirely. Meet our Ambassadors, the youngest being 9 years old and the oldest 23. Between these talented youth, they’ve created multiple foundations, charities, and projects, across 5 continents and 14 countries. From setting up a foundation to impact the lives of hundreds, to more specialised projects, all with the focus of making the world a more inclusive place. They are the next generation of leaders who are boldly spreading the message of inclusion through sports.

Top: Imani Cintando O’Donovan (UTS Reporter),
Group Photo of UTS Team and Ambassadors
Bottom: Kyra Seow (Modern Pentathlete), Stefan Dogaru (Teqball Athlete)

After meeting live during the World Youth Festival 2022 in Bangkok, the UTS Ambassadors reconnected virtually for the first time in 2023. The dedicated UTS team opened the event with President Stephan Fox welcoming the youth and thanking them for their activism, inspiration, and participation during the festival. Led by CEO Julia Govinden, supported by Inge-Jo Striet, Michael Greiner, and Carol Arao, they took the opportunity to connect, share, and discuss the exciting year ahead.

In an era of TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, influencers, and keeping up with trends, this young group of aspiring sport stars believe and live by inclusion, equality, non-discrimination, and peace. It is astounding to see in a short space of time, so much positive social action achieved when the youth are motivated, inspired, and supported.

Top: Aya Shata (Gymnast), Noa Duxbury (Parkour Athlete)
Bottom: Husnah Kukundakwe (Paraswimmer), Bassam Murthasa (Muaythai Athlete)

Despite school, studies, and exams for all the ambassadors, Sylar Alcantara (13) from the Philippines shared that he had opened “United Through Football.” This is a football pitch inviting under-privileged youth to join as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Similarly, Heer Hitesh (13) revealed that he and his family had set up Angel Aquatics, a foundation in Uganda that focuses on inclusion in swimming. Paralympic athlete Husnah Kukundakwe (15) was beyond excited as she will soon launch a foundation that will inspire and support people in Uganda with a disability to get active through sports. Noa Duxbury (13) is going to raise funds for disadvantaged youth in South Africa using his gymnastics skills as well as star in an upcoming movie and Ezra Frech (17) and his family founded Angel City Sports in 2013 right in the city of angels, Los Angeles. A stunning organisation that delivers their own multi-sport competitions and celebrates adaptive Sports for people with and without disabilities. This organisation holds at least 3 activities a week including adaptive golf, blind soccer and wheelchair basketball among many other sports.

Top: Sarah Schumacher (Minigolf Champion), Heer Hitesh (Swimmer)
Bottom: Sylar Alcantara (Football Athlete), Julia Govinden (CEO, United Through Sports)

Kyra Seow (14) has created an environment and charity initiative, “Better World Project” working with her community in Singapore towards a healthy environment for everybody.  Our youngest ambassador Bassam Murthasa (9) has begun developing social awareness and motivational programs in his native Sri Lanka and has already spoken in front of hundreds of school peers to encourage them towards a healthy lifestyle.

We are so proud and wholeheartedly support the beautiful initiatives, organisations, foundations and projects, and we hope to witness and support greater social impact in the coming years.

United Through Sports is gearing up for spectacular events this year where inclusion is being promoted through the youth, sports and beyond. The participation of UTS in the upcoming World Combat Games 2023 to be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will see the eyes of the international sporting world come together in celebration of martial arts and the world’s best athletes.

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