Reimagining Youth Mental Health: 6th International Conference on Youth Mental Health 2022

The International Association for Youth Mental Health or IAYMH’s mission is to change the way the global community thinks about young people and their mental health. The 6th International Youth Mental Health Conference will be held from 29 September – 1 October 2022 in Copenhagen.

Their workshops include:

  • WORKSHOP 1: Youth Mental Health Advocacy – for youth, by youth
  • WORKSHOP 2 Measures Matter: How do we get measurement right in youth mental health?
  • WORKSHOP 3: Stopping young people from falling through the cracks: Applying a missing middle lens across all contexts.
  • WORKSHOP 4: Leading the way: Best practices for youth engagement in a global movement for youth mental health
  • WORKSHOP 5: Re-imagining policy to promote youth well-being and brighter futures: COVID-19 and beyond

IAYMH President, Patrick McGorry shared a message to the youth:

“In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic the mental health of young people around the world has never been a higher priority. In the decade prior to the pandemic the world witnessed a steady decline in the mental health of young people in transition from childhood to mature adulthood, covering the age range from 12-25 years. At a macro level, we also witnessed the creation of a very new multidisciplinary field of youth mental health, which is crucial to addressing this major public health challenge of our times.

Educational disruption, loneliness and separation from peer groups, loss of employment and a huge cloud over their futures. Their support systems of parents, teachers and peers were all weakened and exhausted. The energy and resilience that characterises young people is a powerful antidote but a substantial minority of young people will need expert help and support to recover. This all means that our reforms in youth mental health care and a stronger and better-informed approach to prevention are more important than ever. 

Collaborative leadership powered by young people working together with experts in mental health, education and a range of interdependent fields is essential and we invite you to revive and reimagine this together with the International Association for Youth Mental Health.

I look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen in September.”

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