Private Training

We understand that whether you are a corporate worker or a mother, individuals these days unfortunately have limited time to work out. Our specialized trainers understand how to make every second count. You will forget your everyday worries, switch off your stress button and enter a world of sweat, excitement and fulfillment.

Our personal training classes are totally private, done by experts to your needs with permanent improvement.

Receive all the physical and mental benefits of muaythai one-on-one with one of our Champion and/or Celebrity Trainers.

Why Train One-on-One?

Benefits of working with our trainers:
1) Personalized workout programs
2) Reach your goals faster –get stronger and in perfect shape
3) Make your own schedule
4) Learn technique faster
5) Makethe instructor your own

Don’t know if one-on-one is for you? Book your 30 minute complimentary assessment now!


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Hours of Operation:

Group Muaythai and Private Training
Monday – Friday
7am-9am – Morning Group Muaythai Training
9am-5pm – Private Training
5pm-7pm – Afternoon Group Muaythai Training
7pm-9pm – Private Training

7am-12pm – Private Training
10am-11am – Muay Thai-gers Youth Program
12pm-2pm – Group Muaythai Training
3pm-5pm – Private Training

no training

For bookings and inquiries about personal training, group private training and corporate training please contact us for further information.