Do Good Feel Good Mongkon Academy Opens its Doors

By United Through Sports | February 12, 2019

February 9th at 9:09 am will go in the history books of the official opening of the Mongkon Academy. The official education and training center under the auspicious WMC under Royal Patronage, the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur recognized by the IOC, United Through Sports and support of Right to Play. The Academy under the motto, “Do Good Feel Good” is the sign for all walks of life, Muaythai for Every Body, for all abilities with no discrimination. A full-sized Muaythai ring, a jogging track, futsol and badminton court, fully equipped gym and seminar rooms; all are there for anybody …

Right To Play, UTS and IFMA visit to Rohinga Refugee Camp

By United Through Sports | January 11, 2019

Over 30 years ago, countless Rohinga families fled from violent human rights abuse and conflict within Myanmar (Burma) and have been “temporarily” living in nine refugee camps within the Tak Province along the western border of Thailand. With over 120,000 refugees in this region, they contribute to the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world. Rohinga families currently have no alternative than to live in cramped shacks in over-crowded make-shift communities. Regular risk of fires sweeping through these camps means that each house is adorned with rows of small plastic bags above their entrances filled with water or sand. These …