By United Through Sports | July 23, 2021

Today the sky will dazzle in celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games which will ignite the world towards unity, solidarity and hope. Today is the opening ceremony in Japan and the games will run through to August 8. After much awaited anticipation and uncertainty, the time has finally arrived. UTS would like to wish all the athletes every success for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Although we may not be in the audience supporting in person, the world will be cheering for you and proudly supporting from home. Each athlete has given their best to prepare for this moment and …


By United Through Sports | July 20, 2021

United Through Sports (UTS) kept the global virtual youth festival legacy burning bright by launching an online social media competition via Instagram earlier this year. The “What’s Your Daily?” competition was created as a motivation to increase youth activity during the pandemic and continue to use social media to promote a healthy lifestyle. At a time where the Corona virus pandemic still affects daily life, research has revealed that social media interaction has increased by 70% across all applications and sport engagement has reduced by 40%. Youth all around the globe have been affected by this pandemic with greater physical …


By United Through Sports | July 15, 2021

Channel 4 launched a major new advertising campaign for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games – Super. Human. The brand new film captures the blood, sweat, sacrifices and dedication of the behind-the-scenes lives of Paralympians. To read more details about the groundbreaking campaign please visit: Full Article

Sepak Takraw Takes Flight

By United Through Sports | July 8, 2021

Saiful Rijal is a blur of motion as he launches into the air, reflexes synched to experience as he anticipates the path of a ball hurtling toward him from the other side of the court. With his body flying parallel above the floor, the Indonesian national sepak takraw striker twists his hips and swings his kicking leg around to blast the ball over the shoulder-high net. Like a cat, he lands on his feet ready for his next chance to spike. Often called “kick volleyball,” the Southeast Asian sport is more like lightning-fast badminton paired with the explosive elegance of …


By United Through Sports | July 6, 2021

UTS YOUTH AMBASSADORS TAKE ACTION Youth Ambassadors are motivated and inspiring young people who represent and advocate for young people’s right to information, for greater social considerations and have the ability to make a global impact. Youth Ambassadors play an active and decisive role in UTS events and the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival saw 71 nominated ambassadors from around the world come together as a global call to action for inclusion, equality, non-discrimination and peace. Their involvement in the world’s first ever world youth festival saw 113 International Federations, NGOs, Organisations, and sport related entities come together and be …