Our children are our future. It is our duty to protect, foster and promote them. We are living in a world where many of the youth are developing into couch potatoes, locked in dark rooms away from reality, engaging in violent games on the internet and losing reality of the real world.

Our specially designed programs involve ancient traditions based on respect and honor and promote healthy lifestyle and above all, encouragemaking friends. Youthwill engage in specially designed classes with our IGLA ( educational program where they comprehend their improvement and proudly hang their certificates on the wall. Every 3 months youth can earn their ranks in our grading system at Mongkon Academy. IGLA includes an online education system where youthcan continue their training after the gym and engage in their study. All ourcoaches are also very skilled in bringing together the essential foundations of physical activities, education, cultural exchange, friendship and above all fun.

Our curriculumcomeswith discipline and fun participating in one of the oldest and most respected martial arts in the world. We understand that many families of the foreign community only have a limited time in the Kingdom to experience and take home a piece of Thailand’s historyand culture. The convenience ofhaving the gym in a hotel isyou can coordinate the time of your child’s class with either a one hour massage, use our gym facilities or even book your own private training session.


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Hours of Operation:

Group Muaythai and Private Training
Monday – Friday
7am-9am – Morning Group Muaythai Training
9am-5pm – Private Training
5pm-7pm – Afternoon Group Muaythai Training
7pm-9pm – Private Training

7am-12pm – Private Training
10am-11am – Muay Thai-gers Youth Program
12pm-2pm – Group Muaythai Training
3pm-5pm – Private Training

no training

For bookings and inquiries about personal training, group private training and corporate training please contact us for further information.