FISU World University Games 2023 Welcomes Young Reporters Program

Source: “Ceremony welcomes FISU-AIPS Young Reporters to Chengdu”, FISU – International University Sports Federation

Chengdu, China – Beyond the realm of competition, FISU actively nurtures the potential of young journalists through their Young Reporters Program. This year 12 international Young Reporters as well as 12 coming from China were selected and invited to the University World Games to support the competitions on all FISU platforms. Their contributions included daily recaps, featured articles, social media content and television interviews. This initiative is part of FISU’s Young Reporter Program. This programme invites journalism students and recent graduates in their twenties from various continents to participate in the multi-sport event, offering full access to venues and the Main Press Centre. The program not only equips aspiring reporters with essential skills but also provides them with an immersive experience in covering a high-level international sporting event.

Source: FISU Young Reporters Programme, FISU – International University Sports Federation

Since its inception in 1949, the International University Sports Federation (FISU) has been the key driver to expand the role and reach of university sport around the world. At the heart of their mission is to provide thousands of university students with invaluable opportunities through sports. This is more than just participation; it’s about fostering leadership, discipline, and teamwork among students. FISU’s initiatives help young individuals realise their potential beyond the confines of the classroom, preparing them to tackle challenges both on and off the field.

UTS is proud to have collaborated with FISU, where youth were encouraged to join the UTS World Virtual Festivals during the pandemic. President Leonz Eder delivered an inspirational speech to the youth in 2021 and FISU’s Director General, Paulo Ferreira, actively participated in the 2019 Gold Coast UTS World Youth Festival in Australia. This partnership signifies not just a collaboration, but a shared vision of promoting a world where every young individual, regardless of their background, can enjoy the power of sports and be given equal opportunities to thrive on their journey.

FISU President Mr. Leonz Eder

The flagship FISU event is the University World Games. This global event celebrates sportsmanship and cross-cultural connections, bringing together university athletes from around the world. The recent edition of the Games, hosted July 29-8 August in Chengdu, showcased the pinnacle of athleticism and camaraderie. As we look forward, Germany is poised to host the next University World Games in 2025, promising another showcase of international talent and sportsmanship at the highest level amongst university students.

UTS can only commend FISU for this innovative initiative that puts the youth at the centre of the action whilst providing them with amazing opportunities to learn, step up, inspire, and live their dream. For more insight into this program, check out the enlightening article on FISU’s website here.

Source: “Road to Chengdu 2021: The Selection of 12 International Young Reporters Unveiled”, FISU – International University Sports Federation

As we congratulate FISU on the recent success of the Chengdu University World Games, we look forward to a continued collaboration with FISU to further empower the youth all around the world.

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