NEWSLETTER April, 2020

Dear Sporting Friends,

During the challenging times of Covid-19 that we all face, it is also a good time to reflect and acknowledge all the positive moments and events that we shared, created, supported and gave our participation.

UTS would like to give thanks and acknowledge everybody who dedicated their support and contributions towards our events. To all the youth who brought so much joy and who inspire us all to keep doing all that we can to ensure a smile remains on their faces.

We will meet again as soon as the situation is stable to celebrate the unifying power of sports and where together we will overcome all challenges.

Please enjoy the stories, videos and memories.

Thank you from us to you!

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Welcome Friends

United Through Sports is an alliance of many organisations working together through sports to bring unity and peace to an often-divided world. We would like to thank each and every one who has contributed to the success of these alliances and particularly to the IOC, SportAccord and AIMS for the trust granted to us in coordinating this much needed initiative. We hope to continue working together as one, for and with our youth. Some children have no choice. No voice. But we do.

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